We regularly update our script
These are our recent updates

From 2015 to 2018

  • Opinion Capital inc. acquires CPANetworkScript, with big plans ahead!

    Updated GEO IP database. The script will recognize with better accuracy the countries of the visitors and serves the correct offers.
  • New Updated GEO IP Database

    Updated GEO IP database. The script will recognize with better accuracy the countries of the visitors and serves the correct offers.
  • Advertiser Panel Module

    Advertisers can now register and have their own panel. They can purchase credits via Paypal. See it HERE
  • Affiliate Manager Module

    Add Affiliate Managers, Edit AM, AM can approve accounts, can see stats, .... See it HERE
  • Change Default Payment Cycle and more

    Change Default Payment Cycle in Admin, Detailed Leads/Clicks for each publisher. See it HERE and See it HERE
  • 3 New Fetchers Added

    We have added 3 new Offer Fetchers for Peerfly, OgAds and Maxbounty. Included with the Universal Postback Addon.
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  • Version 1.25: Reversed Leads Report.

    Publishers can now see all the reversed leads that were applied to their account. See it HERE
  • Earnings Notification Software

    Great Tool for your publishers. See it HERE
  • SMTP Module

    You can now use SMTP instead of Sendmail. Improves reliability and inbox success.
  • Version 1.20

    We have added: Postback Logger and Manual Leads Approval. See it HERE
  • Improved Fetchers

    Our offer fetchers are now using Curl for better reliability
  • Chat Addon

    Add a simple chat to your site. Make your site more dynamic for your publishers See it HERE
  • Universal Postback System

    This addon will allow you to use ANY network with our script. You can manually add offers from any network. The addon will manage all the postbacks See it HERE
  • Offer Thumbnails Added

    Offer Thumbnails/Preview Offers Available for 3 networks on Campaign page. See it HERE
  • Additional Templates for Link Locker

    3 additional templates for link locker have been added. See it HERE
  • Custom CSS Content Locker

    Allow your publishers to use their own css code for the content locker. See it HERE
  • An Additional Front Page Design

    A New Front Page Design is available. There are now 2 templates to choose from.. See it HERE
  • New Admin Panel

    Version 1.10 has been released. Improved Adscendmedia fetcher, Improved Targeting for devices, New Admin Panel Design. See it HERE
  • Referrer Traffic Page

    Version 1.09 has been released. New page in Report (Campaign Report). Referrer Traffic with offer name, referrer traffic (if any), # of clicks/leads. See it HERE
  • Updated Postbacks

    A new update for Postbacks has been released. Works 100% perfectly.
  • OfferWall Addon

    A new addon has been released. We have added OfferWall to our script.
  • Version 1.07

    Version 1.07 has been released. Improved the way of listing All countries offers + Improved time for report.
  • Version 1.06

    Version 1.06 has been released. Optimization for Captcha, CPAGrip fetcher + Search for members by email added in admin.
  • Version 1.05

    Version 1.05 has been released. All Countries Offer Load Speed Improved. Global Offers Enable/Disable in Campaigns Optimized.
  • Version 1.04

    Version 1.04 has been released. A New Network has been added.
  • Version 1.03

    Version 1.03 has been released. Fix for Adscendmedia and Minor Improvement Postback Files.
  • Version 1.02

    Version 1.02 has been released. Meta tags added and minor bug fix
  • Version 1.01

    Bug fix: masspay paypal, daily report, and other improvements.
  • Release Date

    The CPA Network Script has been released!

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