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If you are already using some PPD sites to lock your files, think about:
You are losing money because you don't get 100% of the profits.
You may get banned from these PPD sites anytime, and you will lose your money and all your hard work will have been done for nothing.

Running your OWN PPD SITE with our script is the Answer
The Ultimate PPD Script is Here!
Let's see some of the unique features the script has below...

Member Dashboard

Your members will get detailed stats about their files including: number of clicks, download counts, country breakdown, etc…

Your members will be able to manage their files, see their referrals, send messages to admin or other members, request payouts, see the leaderboard and more!

A new improved Dashboard.

The Ultimate Uploader:
Powerful and Multi-Files

This is the most powerful uploading system … works smoothly every time.

You can upload one or several files at once!

Personal Gateway:

Your members will be able to create a gateway to lock their websites or any pages they have control over.

This is a really POWERFUL tool and your members will love it.

Link Locker:
More money for you and your members!

Your members will be able to lock any type of links!

This option is very powerful and helps you and your members increase revenue!

Add Testimonials
to your Download Pages!

Your members can add their own testimonials to their files download pages and link locker pages!

This feature definitely helps your members to get more downloads!

And there is much more!!

To test drive an account and see for yourself, sign up HERE with a valid email.

But… Wait… There is EVEN MORE:

The Script supports
6 Networks:

Exclusive : Automatic Offers Download API for adscendmedia, adworkmedia, cpagrip and cpalead. Manually for adgatemedia.

Admin Panel

There is so much you can do in the Admin Panel. We have included everything you need.

Easy Switch: Pending Members-Admin Approval or Auto-Approved Accounts: Change the registration process. 1 ) New confirmed sign ups will be pending until admin approves them or 2) All accounts will be approved automatically

Reversal Postbacks: No more worry about fraud or fake downloads.
If your network* removes leads on your account, our script will automatically remove the money from the uploader’s account.
No need to manually search which leads, which accounts and manually remove the money. Our script will do it for you !

* Networks that support reversal postbacks: Adscendmedia, Adworkmedia, AdgateMedia.

Optional Cashout Dates for Members: You can now set the dates when your members can request payment. The cashout form will appear on the dates you decide.

Notification System in Admin Panel

Leads Log, Premium Membership, Ban IP, AND MUCH MORE!

username: admin and password: 123456


The script is made with Smarty template.

Smarty is a template engine for PHP, facilitating the separation of presentation (HTML/CSS) from PHP code.

All pages (home page, privacy, FAQ, etc…) and graphics are easily changeable.

100% Open Source. Sold as it is. We do not update the script anymore (only our CPA script).

You will get the coder contact info so you can contact him and hire him if needed to add/edit/fix features. No Refund.

ONLY $59.00

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