Why CPANetworkScript?

We have a script with so many features. We update our script regularly (since Feb 2015). We are here to support our customers and we answer fast! You won't find a cheaper alternative. We provide a solid script and a top notch support.

Unique Script

Our CPA Network script is unique and has all the features you need to run a successful CPA network

Full Support. Always.

Full Support for all our customers. We do not sell a script and then "play dead" if you have any questions.

Free Updates

As a customer, you will receive our updates FOR FREE. We always add new features to the script.

Easy Customization

Our script is fully customizable in term of design. You can change the design and make your site unique.

Running a CPA Site is the Next Big Thing!

Every day those CPA network sites (adworkmedia, cpalead, cpagrip, etc...) they make thousands of dollars. This is a huge business. And it is THE OPPORTUNITY you have been looking for!

Imagine hundreds or thousands of members working for YOUR network. Your offers would be all over the place.

The big PPD sites are using them too. What if those PPD sites could use your network instead? Imagine what it would mean for your CPA site!

It is not easy to launch a CPA network because you need a powerful script and a bunch of accounts with advertisers' offers. Our script fixes all those problems.

Forget about any other scripts, any other ppd/cpa ideas you may have read. THIS IS THE ONLY SCRIPT YOU WILL EVER NEED!

All The Features You Need

We have worked hard to include all the best features you need to run a successful CPA site.

Use 9 Networks for Offers

Our script uses up to 9 networks to get offers for your site. All automatically. Just push a button and get the best offers

Universal Postback

With our Universal Postback System Addon, you can use ANY network. Add manually offers from any network and the addon will manage the postbacks.

Powerful Tools

Your publishers will get access to: Content Locker, Link Locker, API, OfferWall and Postback. Everything they need is there.

Easy Customization

Our script is fully customizable in term of design. You can change the design and make your site unique. Or you can also hire one of our designers.

Reversal Postbacks

Any bad leads received in your CPA account will be automatically removed from the publishers' earnings by our script

Full Offers Control

Your Publishers will get a complete access to the offers and will be able to disable any offers they don't want (admin can do that too).

Earnings Software

You will be able to give to your publishers a software branded with your site name so they can check their stats without logging in.

Free Addons

Offerwall => Install it and your site will have an offerwall. Chat Addon => Add a chat on your dashboard. SMTP module => Use smtp instead of sendmail.

General Features

The script comes with a very detailed install/setup guide. You can reissue your license to change domain name. Full knowledgebase for any questions.
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